Brooke Alexander, Schröder 39
Rebecca Morris
Untitled (#07-18), 2018

oil and spray paint on linen
51 x 53 inches



Based in Los Angeles, Rebecca Morris is a painter fiercely committed to abstraction. But this simple observation says little about the main point of her work, which continues to push deeply into a kind of constant interrogation of materials, forms, processes, and outcomes. Having developed an extensive arsenal of techniques and ideas in her works on paper, which are a stand-alone part of her practice, she recombines and permutes them in myriad ways in her ambitious large-scale canvases, creating patchworks out of different manner of mark making, from stained and soaked to raised and impastoed. The frisson of juxtaposition is only part of the program, as she sets about to toy inventively with questions of frame dynamics – frames within the bounds of the canvas, for instance, be they open-ended or closed off, square or circular – and figure/ground illusions, often evinced within a remarkably shallow pictorial space. The way that reflective surfaces resist a matte color, like oil and water, may set the circumstance for two intersecting fields, overlayed and forced to be read simultaneously.

Morris has been the subject of multiple solo and significant group exhibitions including museum presentations in the Whitney Biennial, New York (2014), and Made in L.A., Hammer Museum, Los Angeles (2016) as well as the Wexner Center for the Arts (2018). In 2019 her work was the subject of a major solo exhibition at the Blaffer Museum of Art, Houston.



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