Desiree Vaniecia
Quiet Echoes, 2023

graphite on paper
35 x 27 inches (framed)



Desiree Vaniecia is an artist who creates bold and striking works that explore the complexities of human experience. Her pieces are often deeply personal, drawing inspiration from her life and emotions. Through a combination of vivid colors and dynamic compositions, she aims to evoke a sense of movement and energy in her work, inviting the viewer to engage with the piece on a deeper level. Her work is both a reflection of the world around her and an exploration of the innermost aspects of the human psyche. Her goal is to create art that reasonates with people emotionally an encourages them to look within themselves to find their sense of meaning and purpose.

In addition to her focus on representation, Vaniecia also seeks to challenge traditional notions of beauty and femininity. Her work aims to celebrate black women’s diversity and challenge the narrow and often stereotypical ways that they are portrayed in art and society. You can find hints of Art Nouveau and the Renaissance era in her work as she reimagines and reinterprets these historical styles through a contemporary lens.


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